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Dragster Rear Wings

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Rear Racing Wings

Dragster Rear Wing

These dragster rear wings are built with CNC machined ribs and .032" thick durable aircraft aluminum skin using wind tunnel proven NACA wing profiles for this style dragster rear wing. The CNC machined ribs have a 15" cord length and the wing is complete with internal reinforcement tubes. The wings 3/16" thick mount tabs have a 3/8" diameter front and 5/16" diameter rear holes with 5-7/8" spacing. The tip plates are interchangeable, removable, and have profiles available that are designed for equal performance. Ribs are not available separately. Shown above is wing tip profile “A”.

Dragster Wings

Rear Dragster Wings

Rear Racing Wings

Performance Racing Wings

Rear Performance Race Wings

Performance Race Wings

Rear Drag Racing Wing Specs

  • All aluminum construction - Wind tunnel proven NACA wing profiles
  • Standard rear wing widths 36", 40", 44", or 48" wide (15" cord length)
  • Aircraft aluminum skin is .032" thick - Internal aluminum reinforcement tube
  • 3/16" aluminum mount brackets, 3/8" front, 5/16" rear hole

Race Wing Specs
Your Choice of Style A, B, C, D, E, or F Tip Plates

C42-136 36" WIDE $511.26  
C42-140 40" WIDE $511.26  
C42-144 44" WIDE $511.26  
C42-148 48" WIDE $564.36  

The Tip plates are removable & interchangeable 10-32 stainless screws).
You have a choice of six tip plate profiles (see above).

Race Wing Strut Adjuster Kit

Race Wing Kit

Race Wing Adjuster Kit comes with: aluminum adjuster links (7-3/4" long), left hand 5/16" rod ends, and right hand threaded slot clevis with 3/16" slot and 5/16" hole.

C42-180 Adjuster Link Only
C42-182 Adjusting Link Kit

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